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Industry Presentation: The New CoStar SHARE Center
Friday, February 17, 2023, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM or 1:30 PM - 2:30PM


Mr. Duane Vinson

Vice President

The SHARE Center just celebrated it’s 10-year anniversary and we have some exciting changes!  We’ve had the pleasure of assisting nearly 1,000 schools around the world and we value your thoughts and ideas on how we may better serve the Western CHRIE academic community.  In this session we’ll discuss how professors and students will be able to access huge volumes of information and data via the dynamic CoStar Suite.  We will talk about changes coming for our CHIA and CAHTA certifications and introduce you to new certifications that we’re rolling out.  We’ll share how professors can easily access training materials for use in the classroom and data for research.  Join us for an interactive hour filled with lots of new information!

Mr. Duane Vinson

Mr. Duane Vinson is a Vice President at STR and the Asst Director of the Costar SHARE Center, a program that works with hospitality, tourism, and real estate schools around the world to provide thorough and timely data for academic research and to provide comprehensive and relevant training materials for the classroom.  The SHARE Center has been warmly received by the academic community, assisting nearly 1,000 schools in 85 countries around the world. Mr. Vinson joined STR in 1997 and over the years he has been involved in many areas of operation at STR including Data Operations, Business Development, Client Services and STR’s Database Operations Center tasked with building and maintaining STR’s global lodging census databases of planned and existing hotels.  He has presented at numerous hospitality and tourism conventions, hotel company and brand conferences, and academic events over the years.  Mr. Vinson has also been quoted in trade press throughout the world.  Prior to joining STR, Mr. Vinson was with Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. 

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